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The Krill Oil Deception

Our human nature can be fickle. On the one hand, we don’t like change; but on the other, we're always on the lookout for the latest and greatest thing.

While my goal is to provide you with information on the foundational importance of the core, four nutrients (omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D3, antioxidants and micronutrients), I find myself facing an ongoing battle against the far-more-savvy supplement marketers who know that a new story--true or not--will prompt a switch from what's tried and true to what's new. 

Here's just one example of deceptive marketing from the pharmaceutical world: 

In 2010, the FDA approved a sleep medication branded as Silenor based on studies which showed it effectively helped some people fall and stay asleep with relatively few side effects. At $199.00 for 30 pills, it's expensive. That's no surprise; we all know that most prescription medications are overpriced. But this one has an even darker side.

It turns out that Silenor is the brand name given to an antidepressant called doxepin, which has been on the market for more than 50 years. The dose of doxepin needed to support sleep is 6mg; the dose of doxepin as an antidepressant is 150mg. While 30 pills of Silenor (doxepin 6mg) costs $199.00, 30 pills of doxepim (150mg) costs $30.00. Do the math and you'll see that Silenor is 96 times more expensive--and profitable--than doxepin. If you're interested in the full story, you can read more here.

The same tactics have been used by the marketers of krill oil. 

A recent study funded by NKO (a leading supplier of krill oil) showed that 120mg of krill oil increased the omega 3 index (the gold standard of omega 3 effectiveness) from 5.9 to 6.7 while ethyl-ester fish oil increased it only from 5.1 to 5.8. In the world of real science, these results are statistically the same (within a .1 variance). Still, this study was widely used to promote the superiority of krill versus fish oil.

There are two important points that need to made about this study:  

First, it did not examine krill to the natural triglyceride form of fish oil (such as that in Pharmax Fish Oil) or the highly-absorbable, emulsified form (found in Core 4 Nutrition's Just Peachy). The study was limited to examining a synthetically-derived (ethyl-ester) formula only. Had a natural triglyceride form been used instead, the results would have shown krill to be 30% to 50% less effective than fish oil. 

Second, the studied dosages and their results were irrelevant; increasing the omega 3 index from 5.9% to 6.7% would have little to no functional effect on the body. The benefits of omega 3 supplementation start to become apparent when the omega 3 index reaches 8%. Their effects become dramatic at 12%. Unfortunately, a 120mg dose of either krill or fish oil will do little to raise your omega 3 level. 

So why did they use only 120mg in the study?

Because krill oil is 16 times more expensive than fish oil.  If the study had been conducted with an adequate dose, even the least cost-conscious of consumers would have done the math and realized that taking a krill oil supplement would cost hundreds of dollars a month!  

Let’s briefly return to math class in order to compare the cost of  MegaRed krill oil to Pharmax Ultra EPA/DHA omega 3 fish oil to see how the cost differential breaks down: 

Each capsule of Pharmax Fish oil contains 560 mg (effectively 750 mg based on research proving it to be 25% better absorbed than an ethyl-ester based formula) of EPA and DHEA. Each bottle contains 120 capsules providing a total of 90,000 mg of EPA/DHA. At $29.00 per bottle, the cost per 100 mg of EPA/DHA is 3.2 cents.

Each capsule of Schiff MegaRed Extra Strength 500mg contains 94mg EPA/DHA. (the 500mg label is misleading as there are only 94mg of active EPA/DHA). Each bottle contains 45 capsules providing 4,230 mg of EPA/DHA. At $21.00 per bottle, the cost per 100 mg of EPA/DHA is 50 cents

Upon completing our calculations we see that it would be necessary to buy 20 bottles of krill oil at $420.00 per month to get the same effect on the Omega 3 Index as one bottle of Pharmax Fish Oil at $29.00 per month.  


And if the cost savings isn't enough to persuade you, there's a few more things you should know about krill oil:

1. Although its promoted as being "sustainable," it is not. In fact, there has been an international harvest quota placed on krill since 1993 to prevent it from becoming an endangered species.

2. There are only 5 studies listed in the national health database involving krill oil.  The effects of fish oil have been studied several thousand times.

3. The human brain grew as a result of increased omega 3 fatty acids fish found in fish, not water-borne plants or plankton.

4. An optimal omega 3 level is are one of the most critical nutritional factors for health, performance and longevity.  Humans have obtained omega 3 nourishment from fish for thousands of years. And science has proven a direct link between fish oil consumption to mood, pain, immunity, metabolism and cellular health improvements.

5. Schiff was legally censured for promoting deceptive and potentially fraudulent ads for claiming that their MegaRed rill oil was "3 times better than fish oil.'

So I hope that you now see that emperor krill oil really has no clothes.

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And you can do more than take our word for it.

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