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How to Superboost the Power of Beets

Dr. Rishikesh Patel, a research scientist at London's Kingston University, conducted a recent review of the growing number of beetroot juice studies.

Here's what they found

High quality beet root juice is rich in dietary nitrates, which are converted into nitric oxide by the body. Nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels, reducing the body’s need for oxygen. And when people don’t require as much oxygen, they can work harder with less effort.

Since dark chocolate was also known to increase nitric oxide, Dr. Patel's research team wanted to assess the relative strength of their individual effects.

Could dark chocolate, which is high in beneficial flavanols, be just as effective as beetroot juice in boosting the body’s ability to produce nitric oxide? ...

To answer their question, the team studied nine, amateur cyclists. The entire group was given an initial fitness test before being separated into two groups.  The first group of cyclists replaced one of their daily snacks with 40 grams of dark chocolate for two weeks.  The second group replaced their usual daily snacks with 40 grams of white chocolate. 

The subjects’ heart rates and oxygen consumption levels were measured during a series of cycling tests given in the sports performance laboratory, during moderate exercise, as well as timed exercises.  After a period of seven days, the two groups of cyclists then switched chocolate types.  The same, two-week trial was then repeated.

The results? 

After eating dark chocolate, the cyclists used less oxygen when riding at a moderate pace. They also cycled further in a two-minute, maximum-effort time trial. While the results were not quite as strong as beet root juice, they were significant and have opened the door to further research. 

Here’s the problem: 

Eating 40 grams or ¼ cup of cocoa powder at one time is not practical. And to date, beetroot juice remains the more well-studied and reliable source of dietary nitrates.

Here’s the solution: 

Combine high-quality fermented dark chocolate and other flavanol-rich foods to your dietto  enhance the health and performance benefits of beets. 

And with Chocoberry Blast, it's so easy do do! 

Chocoberry Blast combines organic, dark cocoa with the powdered concentrates of dozens of other high-flavanol fruits and vegetables including kale, spinach, celery, and berries; and a variety of herbs that synergistically support optimal nitric oxide production. 

Add Chocoberry Blast to any smoothie. Use it as a mid-afternoon “pick-me-up” shaken up with your favorite kind of milk.  Or try blending it into your morning coffee with some butter or coconut oil to make a nutrient-dense drink that will keep you fueled for hours.  Here's therecipe.

How does Chocoberry Blast compare to other whole-food-nutrient formulas?

  • Based on athlete feedback, it may be the best-tasting product available.  It’s not something you'll HAVE to drink, but something you’ll WANT to drink!
  • It’s made from a wide variety of organic fruit, vegetable, and herbal concentrates.  Most other formulas primarily contain algae, sprouts, and grasses. 
  • It’s as close to “free of the vine” as possible.  Low-temperature processing preserves and protects its nutrient content and enzymatic potency.
  • It’s GMO free and contains no fillers, herbicides, or pesticides of any kind! Only a few formulas on the market can make this claim (and actually back it up).
  • It's gram for gram one of the most cost-effective, whole-food-nutrient products available. 

Anyone and everyone can benefit from the use of Chocoberry Blast.  

  • It provides more than 50 different fruit, vegetable, and herbal concentrates for TOTAL nutrient support.  
  • It provides synergistic amounts of micronutrients and antioxidants that can reduce and reverse the effects of free radical damage, while supporting the production of vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids.  
  • It provides targeted nutrients that promote healthy brain activity, fewer food cravings, and a reduced appetite.
  • It’s packed with nitrate-rich vegetables that support nitric oxide production and improved blood flow, energy, and recovery.
  • It’s rich in a broad spectrum of dark green vegetables that bind toxins and enhance liver detoxification. 
  • It provides both “pre” and “pro” biotics to support optimal GI health and digestion.
  • It contains adaptogenic herbs to mitigate the harmful effects of stress.

Ready to give it a go?

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Get ready. Get set. Go!

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