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Getting Big Benefits from Your Pure Clean Powder as easy as 1,2,3!

Step 1: Commit to using at least one scoop daily.

Scientific research has consistently shown that consuming nitrate-rich foods on a regular and ongoing basis will optimize both your nitric oxide level and your athletic performance.

For maximum results, usePure Clean Beet Powder on a daily basis and eat plenty of other nitrate-rich foods like kale, arugula, spinach, celery, pomegranate, berries, and chocolate. 

For more information on nitric oxide and sports performance,download our FREE, 36-page Nitric Oxide Guide.

Step 2: Check your Nitric Oxide Level....

Are you using enough Pure Clean Powder?  Find out for sure by checking your morning saliva with a Nitric Oxide Assessment Strip

Each person will respond differently to the natural, dietary nitrates found in beet juice.  Some athletes have great results with only small amounts of beet juice, others need more to attain maximum results. Determining your correct dose is easy—and inexpensive.


Step 3:  Time it right.  

Take one scoop of Pure Clean powder 60 – 90 minutes prior to physical activity.

Take a serving of Pure Clean Powder at least an hour before exercise. And sip it slowly, since nitric oxide production begins in the mouth.  

Prior to intense training efforts or races, consider the use of Charge! (a beet-based, nitric oxide lozenge). These convenient lozenges allow you to boost your nitric oxide level immediately before—and during—activity without any gastrointestinal concerns.  Allow two Charge! lozenges to dissolve in your mouth 30 minutes prior to your event; and take one or two during for an extra boost of energy.

Note:  Since nitric oxide conversion rates will vary from person to person, check your nitric oxide level at 60, 90, and 120 minutes following a dose to determine how quickly your nitric oxide level will reach its peak.  Use this information to adjust the timing of your product use.

Get ready. Get set. Go!

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