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A Few Cool Core 4 Nutrition Success Stories

While it is important to know why optimal levels of the key biological factors (vitamin D, omega 3, nitric oxide and whole food nutrients) are so important to your health and performance, it is even more important to learn how thesynergistically- designedCore 4 formulas that support these factors will improve how you look, feel and perform.

So take a moment to see what a Physician Assistant and his wife from Florida and an elite triathlete from California have to share about their Core 4 experience.

Jason and Popy Mazza, 
Naples, FloridaMy wife and I have been following the Core 4 Nutrition program for over two and a half years.  As an allied healthcare provider, I have always been a big believer in nutritional supplements. But little did I know that I was not doing myself any favors with the synthetic supplements I used to take.  

After coming across the Core4 website, I had several phone conversations with Dr. Cohen before I tried any products. He took the time to give me the scientific information and rationale behind why the Core 4 program works.

Within a month after starting my Core4 program, I began to notice significant differences in my energy levels and ability to recover from heavy training sessions.  I now find it much easier to regulate my bodyweight, energy, blood pressure, blood lipid, and blood sugar levels. This comes from creating a better balance of the important cofactors (omega fatty acids, vitamin D, and nitric oxide). 

As for my wife, she was struggling with hormonal imbalances after the birth of our second child.  Making some simple dietary changes, sticking to a solid exercise regimen, and following the Core4 program has made a profound difference on her blood pressure, blood lipids, mood, and menstrual cycle.   She has been able to avoid being put on hormones and medications that are so commonly prescribed. Before we began the Core4 program, our goal was to avoid becoming sick. Now it’s about taking a proactive approach to optimize our health.  

As a healthcare professional, I often discuss healthy lifestyle choices as a form of preventive medicine with patients.  Many argue that a program like Core4 costs too much. As I say, in reality, you can either invest your money in the Core4 program, combined with healthy lifestyle choices, or you can invest your money (and time) later on in doctor visits, expensive and invasive tests, and prescription medications!

I highly recommend the program not only because it’s convenient and the products are great, but because its effects can be measured with periodic assessments. I know that the products I’m taking really work. I have also appreciated being able to talk to Dr. Cohen.  He has been a great educational resource and he constantly strives to improve upon an already-outstanding program.

Jackie Cohen, 
Montecito, California

After not racing triathlons for over 20 years and not running for over eight years, I am overjoyed to have finished second in the my age group at the ITU World Sprint Championships in Edmonton two weeks ago.

While I regularly and faithfully always take all the Core 4 formulas, two weeks prior to the race I took an extra scoop of FundAminos to enhance my recovery and improve cell energy and extra Charge! lozenges to support blood flow and oxygen flow during the race.

I  can honestly say I felt the difference and glad to have taken all my formulas with me to the race. I know that the Core 4 program gives me a significant advantage over other nutritionally-challenged athletes. I am looking forward to next year using the Core 4 assessments to fine tune my body and new Core 4 formulas to boost my performance. While I may be getting older, I truly feel that I am getting better.

And a few more.

Kristi Kraychy, 
Calgary Canada

I just wanted to say that last month I quit caffeine after a serious addiction (attributed to having become pregnant while tending to my 8 month old baby).  Now I am finding that a package of Daily Dose and scoop of hot-Chocoberry as my new morning routine is providing the same amount of energy in the morning that I used to have with my extra-strong cup or two of coffee.  The obvious bonus is that I no longer experience the mid-afternoon super-crash and insomnia at night plus my immunity seems stronger!  I am very happy with Core 4.   

Todd Houston, 
Solo Sports Systems
Calgary, Canada

We’re off to Ironman in a week’s time – the gang is feeling good.  The Charge! lozenges are my secret weapon for this race – I’ve been using them before some hard training sessions with great results.  A nice nitric oxide boost.