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The Fat Burning Benefits of Essential Amino Acids

According to astudypublished by theJournal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, consuming 20 grams of whey protein 30 minutes before strength training will boost the body's metabolism for as much as 24 hours after a workout. It appears that the essential amino acids, which are derived from the whey protein, activate the particular cellular mechanisms that promote muscle protein synthesis, boost thyroid function, and protect against declining testosterone levels after exercise.

Substituting 10 grams of a high-quality essential amino acid (EAA) formula (for the 20 grams of whey protein) is an even better strategy for those who want to burn more fat while building more muscle.This;study published in the Strength and Conditioning Journal explains why: ... 

To paraphrase:

While intact protein ingestion is the most recognizable means for delivering EAA, it is a calorically-inefficient means of delivering EAA. In addition, EAA represent 40 to 45% of the total amino acid (AA) content in most high-quality proteins. Furthermore, when consuming large intake of dietary protein, your body will break down the protein and AA for energy resulting in nitrogen loss and wasting of a substantial portion of the desired EAA from the protein.

The use of an essential amino acid (EAA) formula for muscular growth and recovery is more efficient than any powdered protein supplement for several reasons:  

First, EAA's enter the blood stream more rapidly, speeding their delivery to skeletal muscles and increasing protein synthesis.

Second, because they do not require digestion, EAA's generate no nitrogen waste and are nearly 100% utilized by the body. 

Third, since EAA's contain no calories they maximize the stimulation of muscular protein synthesis with no metabolic cost. 

Finally, EAA ingestion compared to dietary protein results in a two-fold greater increase of muscle protein."

In short, using an Essential Amino Acid formula instead of a protein powder is the fastest, most efficient way to help you look and feel your very best. Better strength, energy, and endurance are just a few of the tangible benefits! 

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