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Essential Amino Acids to your Muscular Rescue

Aging and stress—both physical and emotional—damage the structural proteins and mitochondria (the energy production centers) of the body.  In order to repair and recover, it needs the right balance of all eight essential amino acids (EAAs). Put simply, EAA's are the foundational building blocks of human health and performance.

In last week’s blog, I discussed why EAAs are necessary for energy production; how they work in the body, how to make food choices that maximize our EAA intake, and how to support these dietary choices with the use of a high-quality EAA formula like 

While essential amino acids play a critical role in a wide variety of physiological functions, this post will offer information on the specifics of how the right amount of the correct balance of EAA's can help you look, feel, and perform better.  You'll also learn why the use of an EAA supplement before, during, or after exercise has been demonstrated to improve muscular strength, power, and recovery time.  

1. EAA’s prevent muscular breakdown during periods of intense physical and mental stress.

In an energy production process called gluconeogenisis, the body taps into the amino acid supply found in the muscles in order to synthesize glucose in the liver. This process ramps up significantly during periods of stress, which negatively impact the body's ability to fuel itself with use glucose and fatty acids efficiently.  When more EAAs are consumed and their resulting serum levels are raised, they become a readily-available fuel source which satisfies the body's needs, preventing muscle catabolism or break down.

2. EAA’s enhance and protect the mitochondria, our cellular energy factories.

Mitochondria produce ATP, life's chemical of energy. Optimal amounts of EAA's are critical to healthy mitochondrial function. This is because amino acids turn on something called PGC-1α  which activates the cell receptors responsible for maintaining the optimal number and function of the mitochondria. The upshot? EAA's make your muscles more efficient.

3. EAAs drive muscular growth and repair.

EAAs promote the body's ability to create and maintain lean muscle mass. Without adequate amounts of three of the eight EAA's known as branched-chain amino acids, the muscles and mitochondria would not have the full spectrum of essential amino acids they require.  When supplied in the proper amount and balance, EAA's will give your hard-working body what it needs to succeed! 

Let’s review the benefits of a high-quality EAA blend such as FundAminos when compared other protein and energy formulas:

  • It's 99% utilized by the body for repair and restoration; foods and protein powders are 30% utilized, at best. 
  • A 10-gram serving of FundAminos is equivalent to a 40-gram serving of protein powder. 
  • It's rapidly absorbed.  Easy to take and quick to digest during or after workouts, FundAminos offers an immediately-accessible supply of the critical, energy-producing nutrients your body needs, when it needs them the most!  
  • It contains less than 10 calories per serving versus 160 calories for the equivalent amount of powdered protein.
  • It will improve your body's ability to burn fat. Unlike sugar-laden drinks or protein mixtures, the use of FundAminos will not reduce the metabolic benefits of intermittent-fasting workouts. 

FundAminos is particularly appropriate for vegans, endurance and strength athletes, and anyone who wants to gain or maintain muscle strength or mass; it's the perfect product for anyone who wants to become leaner and have more energy.

Just say "no" to those high-sugar and carbohydrate-rich sport drink with their empty calories.  Say goodbye to those BCAA formulas, which don't provide your body with the full range of amino acids it needs. Re-think the use of a post-workout protein powder that's only 30% utilized by the body and opt for a 
QUICKER and MORE COMPLETE recovery with FundAminos. It provides 3 times the amount of usable protein found in meat or fish and 5 times of that found in whey or soy proteins. Plus, it's up to 12 times faster acting. 

Next week, I’ll cover some practical tips on how you can easily incorporate the use of FundAminos into your daily supplement routine for maximum health and performance results.