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Enhance Your Performance and Recovery with Two Exciting Formula Updates

I am excited to share with you two formula updates for BEET'Ums and FundAminos that have been proven or people from high-level athletes to people just interested in overall health and fitness to significantly enhance your ability to perform and recover.

BEET’Ums have replaced Charge!

BEET'UMS Are a Game Changer! They provide all the energy-and-endurance-boosting benefits of beets in a delicious, nutritious, chocolate-flavored chew. ...

THEY ARE CONVENIENT. Stick a few in your pocket and take them a hike, on your bike--wherever you like! Enjoy one of these tasty bites of goodness after breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
THEY TASTE GREAT.  It’s not often that something this good for you tastes so great. Like Tootsie Rolls? You’ll love BEET'UMS!

THEY'RE MORE EFFECTIVE.  BEET'UMS feature a proprietary combination of specially-processed beet juice powder with an organic, superfood base featuring organic, flavonoid-enriched cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and pure, high-polyphenol pomegranate, green tea and more. This unique blend of ingredients makes BEET'UMS work as great as they taste!  

And because BEET'UMS are eaten as a chew, the nitric-oxide-enhancing beet juice powder they contain stays in your mouth longer. Since the nitric oxide conversion process begins in the mouth, the longer they stay there, the more nitric oxide your body has the opportunity to create. And more nitric oxide translates into better training, racing, and recovery results.

How to Use: The base dose for BEET’Ums is one chew daily (one bag monthly). Take one twice a day or two 30 minutes prior to more intense physical activity or those wanted a stronger nitric oxide benefit...

Why BEET'Ums Should Be a Staple Performance Food

During the past five years, scientific research has consistently confirmed the powerful health-and-performance-enhancing benefits of red beets. This unassuming, but nutrient-rich, vegetable has become a "go to" superfood for millions of athletes. Among it's many, measurable benefits, red beets enhance the body's ability to create higher levels of nitric oxide.  

Nitric oxide encourages improved blood flow for:

  • Improved oxygen delivery and greater energy 
  • An enhanced capacity for physical exercise resulting in better strength and endurance
  • Improved cardiovascular and sexual health 

Try a bag now. 

Our Flagship Formula FundAminos Just Became Way Better 

There are few formulas that are as effective for recovery as FundAminos. That is why I am so excited to announce a new flavor and ingredient upgrade.
Essential amino acids are a very powerful recovery formula that can provide great benefits to everyone. The problem has always been that since you need to take 10 to 20 grams daily for the best effects, they need to come in a powder. And since amino acids are not very palatable, getting them to taste good so people will regularly use them is a challenge.

After 6 years, many bench samples and countless flavor houses and manufacturers, our new FundAminos blend, while not perfect, overcomes the taste challenge to become far and away the best tasting naturally-flavored amino acids formula on the market. In addition, we have enhanced it's effects with the addition of fruit concentrates chosen for their ability  to enhance recovery.

From the minute you open the bag you will smell the natural fruit flavor of strawberry lemon punch enhanced with organic fruit concentrates powders. In addition, it is much less sweet and the back end bitter bite from the amino acids and stevia is almost gone. All this is in a flavor package that is only 3 grams and not 5 grams per serving.

And we didn’t stop.

We are now using insta-aminos which not only mix more rapidly but are absorbed more quickly into your body. And we enhanced the benefits of the formula with a full dose of CherryPure tart cherry powder that has been shown to increase performance and recovery due the cherry polyphenols ability to lessen inflammation and support a deeper sleep.

Take the FundAminos challenge: Use it first thing in the morning, for a mid-afternoon pick me up, during or after physical activity for better strength, energy and recovery. Research has proven this product to be almost 100% utilized by the body and three times more effective than protein powders in providing your body with the foundational building blocks it needs for optimal cellular function, maintenance and repair.

Why FundAminos Should Be a Staple Recovery Formula

Stress, physical exertion and age can damage the structural and functional proteins in the body, which are both made from amino acid building blocks. Eight of these amino acids are considered “essential” because they must be obtained from foods or supplements.
All eight essential amino acids are required for physical repair and restoration. The lack of just one essential amino acid can reduce your body’s ability to build and maintain muscle. An essential amino acid deficiency can also interfere with the production of hormones, digestive enzymes and neurotransmitters.  

Try a bag now