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Eleven Cool New Formulas and Assessments!

One of the most important things that sets Core 4 Nutrition apart from other, online nutritional supplement companies is that we're not an impersonal store with dozens of different products sold by hype and high margins. Rather, we focus on providing targeted health and performance solutions, which include personal support from a medically-trained staff; and a "tried and true" arsenal of products, derived primarily from pure, whole-food concentrates.

And unlike almost all the other supplement stores,we sell directly and interact constantly with our clients via e-mail, coaching sessions, pre-release product trials and lab assessments. As a result, we have the ability to upgrade our formulas based on the regular and ongoing feedback we receive. 

Why do we do it? Because we care. Our product development is driven by a motivation to provide the very best products and services to our Core 4 family. Because most of our Core 4 Foundation program members stay with us for years, we enjoy being a part of both a dedicated and growing community of clients who often reach out to share their positive short and long-term results. 

While the existing Core 4 formulas have proven to be very effective over the past 4 years, new ingredients, upgraded concepts, and client feedback have inspired us to make some exciting changes! Below you'll find a list of what's available now, what's coming soon, and what's "in the works." Watch your in-box over the coming weeks for more details on each new formula or assessment. 
Ready for more information now? Follow the appropriate links to the Core 4 site, or contact me directly for more information. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. 
Available Now:

Simply Sublime Omega 3 Fish Oil: A new, higher-concentrated, more-sustainable, and even better-tasting omega 3 fish oil. Grab a bottle here.

Charge! Nitric Oxide Support: An upgraded product and usage plan for improved NO levels and increased energy and performance. Learn about the new, NO treatment protocol and grab a bottle of Charge! here.
Sparq Peak Performance: 
A brand new offering that will “raise your red line” and significantly increase high-intensity performance, power, and recovery. Sparq is currently still in pre-release, but the first in-house trials have been very, very successful. Take advantage of a 60-day trial offer here. Please note: Supplies are limited!
Salivary Telomere Assessment: How well are you aging? This affordable, salivary assessment from Titanova Labs will allow you to evaluate and track how well your health and lifestyle choices are working. Act now! Titanova is offering Core 4 clients a $30.00 discount on all assessment orders placed prior to July 31st. Get your assessment now.
Core 4 Longevity Club: Want to grow younger, even as you age? Is the costly TA65 anti-aging formula out of your price range? Live Long Telomere Support may be the answer! You can learn more or order here.  Either way please contact me directly by e-mail or telephone at #360.450.3768 for more details. 
Comprehensive Anti-Aging and Metabolic Profile: In conjunction with Cleveland Heart Lab, we are now offering the most cost-effective and comprehensive serum profile available--anywhere at any cost. Get more information and order the profile here.
Coming Soon:

FundAminosOur best-selling essential amino acid formula is getting better with an improved flavor along with extra energy-producing nutrients and botanicals. FundAminos works! If you haven't tried our current version, grab a bag here.

Fruit-n-Veggie BlastIf you love Chocoberry Blast but would also like a non-chocolate alternative, then this new super-nutrient blend is for you! In the meantime, you can opt for a bag of Fruit-n-Veggie Might and blend it yourself with a container of our whole foods berry blend.

Build Total Body Protein Support: On the one hand, Build is an easily-digested, great-tasting protein. On the other, it provides critical, collagen-based amino acids that can’t be obtained from any other protein source. While we work on finalizing our proprietary formula, we recommend Pure Paleo.
In the Works:
Multi SupremeA 100% organic, high-potency multivitamin and mineral supplement derived exclusively from whole foods. This product will be one of a kind!
Pure Beet PlusWant an energy surge in the morning? This great tasting, beet-based nitric oxide blend contains select nutrients and makes for a great "go to" morning drink mixed with hot water and lemon.  While we work on sourcing our supplies, get a canister of Pure Clean Beet Powder and mix ½ scoop with some lemon juice, a teaspoon of honey, and 8 to 16 ounces of hot water.