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The Critical Importance of Optimal Levels of Nitric Oxide

The longer I work with Core 4 clients, the clearer it becomes: A high nitric oxide (NO) level is anABSOLUTE NECESSITY for optimal health and performance. With that in mind, devote just a few minutes of time to reading this important post. Butbefore you do, please download and save our new NO Assessment PDF so that you'll have it when you need it.   

Need a quick NO refresher? 

Check out my previous post then continue reading what follows below.

Your body takes the FUEL (from the food you eat) and the OXYGEN (from the air you breathe), converting it into the cellular ENERGY that powers your heart, lungs, and muscles. The most recent, scientific research shows that a shortage of a short-lived gas called nitric oxide (NO) will impair this essential, energy production process....
An optimal NO level is critical to your overall health and performance. If it's low, your physical, mental, and sexual health will suffer. The cause of low NO could be attributed to something as simple as your diet (it doesn't contain enough nitrate-rich foods). It could be attributed to too much stress, too much training, or too little sleep.  Or it could be the end result of something more complicated like an oral bacteria imbalance, poor digestion, or even poor cardiovascular health.
If your NO level is low, no amount of physical training can make you any stronger, fitter, or faster. In fact, it can actually have an opposite effect, depleting the body of its energy resources and causing fatigue, injury, and illness.  With an NO level in the optimal range, however, your body will respond positively to training. And greater, more consistent energy is just one of the many benefits you’ll feel.

An optimal NO levels will also improve:

*Blood flow
*Oxygen delivery
*Power output
*Mental focus
*Depth of sleep   
*Immune strength
*Blood pressure
*Cardiovascular health

Ready to optimize your NO levels?

Then your body is going to need the nitrates found in dark, green vegetables, red beets, pomegranates, and berries to produce enough NO.  If these foods are lacking in your diet—or if your digestive system has been compromised by a high sugar/processed food diet, or a bacterial imbalance—your nitric oxide level will likely be low. In addition, those who are over 40, have poor sleep habits, are under stress, over train, use prescription or recreational drugs, or drink alcohol are all susceptible to a nitric oxide deficiency.  

Fortunately, it's easy to regularly assess your NO level at home with the use of a simple, salivary assessment. By using Core 4 Nutrition’s proven, nitric-oxide-boosting products and protocols, you can raise your NO level—and measurably improve your health and performance!

Here's some good news!

Charge! users have been receiving five assessment strips as part of their Core 4 Foundations program purchase. And I am pleased to announce that since we began working with a new, assessment strip supplier, we will now be able to provide TEN nitric oxide assessment strips at NO ADDITIONAL COST!  

How will you benefit? 

Having twice the number of assessment strips will allow you to check your NO level more frequently for more regular feedback. If your NO level remains low after adjusting your diet and taking Charge! (Core 4's proprietary nitric oxide supplement), follow the steps outlined in our free, NO restoration guide available here

Struggling to achieve and maintain an optimal NO level? 

While the use of Charge! and Chocoberry Blast (as supplements to a nitrate-rich diet) will typically restore the body's ability to produce an adequate amount of nitric oxide in a few months, some people may need to re-balance their oral bacteria and use an additional, nitrate support formula such as Pure Clean Powder.  If you are one of these people, contact me directly for more information and assistance. 

Coming soon....

I am currently working on an updated NO lozenge that will be FAR MORE EFFECTIVE then any other NO formula on the market. It combines beet root powder with completely unique blend of NO activators in a tasty, honey-rich base. In-house testing has shown the fastest and most consistent results we've ever seen. Stay tuned and we'll let you know as soon as we find a manufacturer who can help us produce and package this amazing, new product! 

Until then, be well. And don't hesitate to contact me with your questions.