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Core 4 Supports Team Enduring Hope in the Race Across America!

In two days, Core 4 client Brad Cooper will be competing in the Race Across America as part of Team Enduring Hopewith his racing partner,Jerry Schemmel, the radio voice of the Colorado Rockies.

They will be embarking on an extremely-challenging and rewarding adventure as part of a two-man cycling relay race across the USA. From Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD,;from sea to shining sea! That’s 3,052 miles (430 miles per day), 170,000 feet of elevation change, and temperatures ranging from 25 to 120 degrees. Their the goal is to complete the event in under 7 days.

While it will be an epic personal challenge for Brad and Jerry, they also have higher purpose--to benefit Building Hope International,  a third-world humanitarian organization.  Brad was wise enough to realize he needed to be not just physically, but physiologically fit in order to survive both the race and the countless hours of training leading up to it. As an added challenge, he would need to recover completely from a series of foot stress fractures.

He contacted Core 4 in January for help with physiological assessments, and with a supplement program that would provide for both his training and racing needs...

Our initial evaluation involved an assessment of several, key metabolic serum markers including those for inflammation and GI health, bone mineral status, and hormone levels; vitamin D3, omega 3 fatty acids, and nitric oxide. The findings showed that Brad was in overall good physiological health but was had lower-than-optimal level of testosterone, and very low levels of vitamin D, significantly low levels of vitamin D, omega 3, and nitric oxide. He also had a mild bacterial imbalance in his GI tract, and tested high for oxidative stress which reduces the body's ability to create energy. These results, which are indicative of nutrient depletion, are common among endurance athletes and those who must manage consistently high levels of mental and/or physiological stress. For Brad, they served as cautionary warning. If he pushed his body to the extreme, he would not perform at peak potential. And he would be much more prone to injury or illness.  

Brad began the Core 4 Foundations program with a few supplemental additions--Charge! and Pure Clean Beet Powder; and essential amino acid support. Since a break from training was not an option, he also began a targeted, recovery program that included the use of pine pollen and nettle root extracts for hormonal support and and liposomal glutathione to reduce oxidative stress.

His pre-race preparation also involved learning how to optimize his ability to burn fat while, at the same time, take in enough calories to train and recover on. He needed to be able to train long and slow (which sometimes meant eight hours on an indoor trainer) but hard and fast as well.

I am happy to say that Brad has remained healthy throughout his many, arduous hours of training and a miraculous recovery from a serious, cycling accident in May (he suffered a fractured clavicle and hairline fracture in his hip when he was run down by a flock of angry geese on a training ride)!

I am also happy to report that with the race just a few days ahead, Brad feels strong and ready to go!

While on the road racing each day, Brad will be taking in 30 grams of FundAminos, 4 scoops of Chocoberry Blast, 2 scoops of beet powder and 4 Charge! tablets. His ability to finish will now be determined by his mental tenacity and ability to endure extreme fatigue, boredom, pain, and the always-present and unknown risks bicycle racing entails. 

You can follow Team Enduring Hope as they embark on their epic, cross-county adventure beginning on June 20th via the RAAM site. 

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