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Celebrate Flavia Oliveria at Rio and Save 25% on Pure Clean Beet Powder

Congratulations to Flavia Oliveira for an extraordinary race in the Woman’s Cycling Road Race at the Rio Olympics. She was only 20 seconds behind the winner and finished 7th in the second pack.

As a celebration for her hard work and determination, now through the end of the Olympics on August 20th, you can use the code YEAHFLAVIA and SAVE 25% and get FREE SHIPPING on the purchase of 2 jars of Pure Clean Powder.

Here’s why Pure Clean Powder is consider physical fitness in a jar and certainly played a role in Flavia’s success:

• It's an honest-to-goodness, organic beet juice powder that contains ONLY the natural nitrates found in freshly-juiced beets.

• It's all about the nitrates, so just because you are eating beets or drinking juice doesn't mean you are getting those highly beneficial nitrates! Pure Clean Powder has been CERTIFIED nitrate rich. It contains a full 250 milligrams of nitrates per serving, supporting optimal, nitric oxide production.

• It's the highest-quality beet juice powder available, made EXCLUSIVELY from concentrated juice, not the whole beet or beet greens. Taste the clean, mild flavor and you'll appreciate the difference! 

So give Flavia a shout out on Facebook and then visit Pure Clean Powder and use the code YEAHFLAVIA to SAVE 25% and get FREE SHIPPING though August 20th.