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Better than Coffee

Do you love coffee and hot chocolate?

Then you'll love the following strategy for "upgrading" these perennial favorites into a nutrient-dense meal that increases energy and focus while minimizing hunger. This tasty and satisfying drink makes for an ideal first meal of the day or easy, anytime snack.

Here's the recipe:

2 scoops Core 4 Nutrition 
Chocoberry Blast
2 TBL Hydrolyzed Gelatin
1 TBL Grass-Fed Butter
1 TBL Coconut Oil or MCT Oil
4 to 8 oz Hot Coconut Milk (see homemade recipe below)
4 to 6 oz Hot Coffee (decaf at night)

Here's the important part...

Start with an organic, single-bean Arabica coffee. 

Watch this video on the many health benefits of coffee and read this article on why choosing a high-quality coffee matters.

Improve it with healthy fats including grass-fed butter and coconut products.

These fats provide vitamin A, D, and K2; butyric acid, and quick-burning energy that will satiate your appetite and boost your physical and mental energy.

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What's the scoop with collagen?

Collagen (gelatin) is the key ingredient found in bone broth. It's rapidly-absorbed, easily-utilized, and provides nutrients critical for healthy tissue and muscle repair, bone growth, and recovery after exercise. It can also boost mental clarity, reduce inflammation, and improve the quality of your skin. Two tablespoons of collagen contain 12 grams of a high-quality protein that is less expensive than rice, hemp, and whey protein sources. In addition, it mixes easily and has virtually no taste.

Tip: Make sure to use hydrolyzed collagen to prevent thickening your hot drinks 
Upgraded Collagen and Great Lakes  collagen are high quality grass-fed cattle sourced options that I use and recommend.

Superboost it with Chocoberry Blast.

While the coffee, healthy fats, and collagen provide plenty of fuel to keep your fires stoked, they do not provide the wider range of nutrients your body needs for optimal health and performance. Adding Chocoberry Blast provides your mind and body with the myriad benefits of 51 different veggies, fruits, and botanicals and a number of bonus benefits from organic dark cocoa.

Click here to learn more about Chocoberry Blast.

Haven't tried it yet?

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Grab a couple of bags here now.

Now here's the coconut milk recipe I mentioned above.

Save over $3 per every 1/2 gallon of milk with this healthier, homemade version.

4 cups water
2 cups 
organic, unsweetened coconut flakes  (bought in bulk on Amazon)


Add shredded coconut and water to blender (preferably a 
Vitamix). If all of the water won’t fit, you can divide the total amount into two batches.

Heat mixture, stirring occasional until moderately hot but not boiling.

Let cool and then blend on high for several minutes until thick and creamy.

Pour the cooled blended mixture through a nut milk bag to filter the coconut pulp. Let the cooled, filtered milk sit until room temperature. Stir occasionally to remix.

To thicken and/or prevent the milk from separating, add 1 teaspoon of regular collagen or 1/2 to 1 tsp guar gum to the filtered, warm milk mixture. Shake
before drinking to remix if separates. 

Store in refrigerator within 4 days for the best flavor and texture. 

Use the coconut pulp in macaroons, blender drinks, or for compost.