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The BeetUms Story Begins With Better Beets

The BEET’UMS Story Begins With Better Beets.

All beets are not created equal. Their nutrient density can vary greatly based on their size and—more importantly—the way they are grown and processed.

BEET’UMS are made from premium-quality, nutrient-rich beets that are juiced, fermented, and low-temperature dried for maximum potency. This unique and proprietary production process results in a beet juice powder with FOUR TIMES the nitric-oxide-boosting power of ordinary beets...

BEET’UMS are Supercharged with Superfoods

While pure and potent beet juice powder is the foundation of the BEET’UMS formula, their story doesn’t end there. These tasty bites of better health and fitness have been botanically-enhanced with a synergistic blend of super foods including organic, dark cocoa and pomegranate concentrates; green tea, grape seed, and pine bark extracts. These plant-based, performance-boosting compounds magnify the nitric oxide benefits of nutrient-dense beets.

More from a Chew

The mouth plays an important role in converting the nitrogen-based nutrients found in red beets into the nitric oxide your hard-working body needs to succeed. Consuming beet-based nutrients in the form of chew naturally extend their time in the mouth so more nitric oxide can be created. More nitric oxide translates into what every athlete needs—more strength, energy, endurance, and speed!

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