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Assess Yourself for Optimal Performance.

If you're a dedicated athlete who works hard to become fitter, faster and stronger, it's important to realize that solid and lasting performance gains need to happen from the "inside out."  While external performance analysis—V02 max and lactate threshold tests—can be useful, they don’t provide any useful insight into the physiological processes at work inside an athlete’s body; into the internal mechanisms responsible for those hard-earned, end results.

Ask yourself the following questions:

How well does your body transport oxygen from the lungs to your muscles?  Does it digest proteins and utilize carbohydrates as effectively as it should?
Has your performance started to decline or hit an immovable plateau? Do you have difficulty recovering after a hard effort?  What is your body trying to tell you?

There’s no need to guess.  Measuring and evaluating your body’s physiological performance potential can be done easily and inexpensively, in the comfort and convenience of your own home, with the series of laboratory-based assessments made available by Core 4 Nutrition.... 

Why should you be doing these assessments at home?  Shouldn’t you just go see your doctor?

In a perfect world, the general orientation of medical practitioners would be different; they would be more focused on optimizing health instead of categorizing and addressing the symptoms of disease. The bottom line is that maximizing your body’s ability to perform at its highest potential has absolutely nothing to do with medicine.  The concept of performance enhancement doesn’t have a place within the current, medical model.

There are a number of other practical reasons why your doctor can’t do what Core 4 Nutriton can. 

The first and foremost consideration is cost.  Medical care has become prohibitively expensive.  Have great insurance coverage and benefits?  Even the best insurers will not cover the cost of any assessment designed to evaluate a parameter of health instead of disease.  In addition, most physicians don’t have regular access to the types of assessments we offer.  And since they are not considered “standard” within the realm of traditional medicine, only a handful of physicians would be qualified to interpret their results.

Evaluating the performance needs of a fit, healthy and motivated athlete is something that most doctors have little (or no) experience in.  We have had the opportunity to work directly with a number of physicians who were interested in taking their personal athletic performance to a new level.  And these doctors now regularly refer their patients to us.  Why? 

Because performance-related issues simply lie beyond the scope of their personal knowledge and expertise. And as clients, they have benefited from following a measurable, scientific and systematic program. The fact of the matter is that there is no practical reason why you need to sit and wait (for hours) in a doctor’s waiting room—unless you’re injured or ill. 

These assessments are included as part of the Core 4 Nutrition program. Get Started today!