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62 Going on 39

At my core, I've been passionate about health and fitness for the past 45 years. I’m also passionate about sharing what I’ve learned and enjoy offering advice to those who see my results and want to know my “secrets” of success.

I started training and taking nutritional supplements in college and have never stopped. I graduated first in my class (physical fitness and self-defense) from the L.A. Police Academy in 1976. While a member of the LAPD x-country team, I ran a sub 3 hour marathon and placed 5th in the California Police Olympics in the 10K run. (34:29). More than thirty years later, I took first in the NW Ergomania Indoor Rowing Championships and 5th in the Longest Stair Climb in the World (162 stories) in Bellevue, WA.  

But even as I was still going strong at the age of 60, I began to notice some not-so-positive changes.  That’s when I began looking for a strategy that would help me slow down my aging process.  In 2011, I had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Cohen.  After reviewing my previous lab assessments and performing additional ones through the Core 4 Nutrition program, I began following the Core 4 supplement system and made the Dr. Cohen’s recommended adjustments to my dietary and fitness regimens.

I eliminated almost all sugar the obvious, and as I discovered, the not so obvious hidden in places you least expect. I cut back on grains (other than a weekly popcorn treat) and traded endurance training with twice weekly high-intensity interval training; I combined yoga and body weight exercises with shorter strength training sessions and easier, longer-distance cycling.  To top it off, I took up dancing two years ago– not for exercise, but for the love of music. It just happens to be a good complementary physical activity as well. This is now my great passion....  

Once I experienced the benefits of the Core 4 program, I became motivated to learn more about cellular aging and telomeres. For my 60th birthday, I performed a telomere assessment in order to see just how long (young) or short (old) my telomeres were. I was hoping that my results would prove that I was 60 on the outside and 40 on the inside. Unfortunately, my cellular age was the same as my actual age. As fit and healthy as I’ve been, I had expected to be younger than my years.

But after discussing the results with Dr. Cohen, I felt better and even excited!  I know now that the changes I have made over the last few years have made a significant impact on my overall health, appearance, and performance.  Doing things correctly and measurably is a part of the equation. Having some patience is the other. Overcoming the harmful effects of my previous lifestyle choices—eating too much sugar and grains, exercising too intensely not getting enough sleep, allowing too much stress in my work and relationships, using the wrong kind and amount of nutritional supplements (my vitamin D, omega 3 and nitric oxide were all very low)—may take a little more time. But I am absolutely certain that the changes I have made will continue to protect me from the negative consequences of aging and increase my healthspan.

Given my positive results, I made the decision to upgrade my Core 4 program, adding in a telomerase-activating (lengthening) supplement called TA65.  By using this product, I expect to slow down—and even reverse—the cellular aging process. While I have yet to re-re-assess my telomere length, I know it has taken my health and performance up another notch and look forward to quantifying my results with the next assessment.

And here are two additional improvements that tell me I am on the right track:
I recently went to my ophthalmologist for my first eye exam in 4 years.  I have always had excellent eyesight, but started wearing reading glasses about 12 years ago. I do a lot of reading, mostly on my computer and i-phone in less than optimal lighting conditions. Yet I have noticed that my vision has improved to the point that I can often read without glasses. My doctor confirmed this when he told me that my vision is actually better now than it was four years ago!

I also went to see an Orthopedic surgeon for subtle pain in my hips after my sprint workouts. I was worried that I might be developing arthritis or it was a precursor to a hip replacement.  But I was very pleased to learn that the health of the hip and leg bones was excellent– like that of a much younger man.  The doctor said my issue (a small amount of bursitis) was minor.

After 40 years of trial and error, success and failure, I know that with the guidance of Dr. Cohen and support of Core 4 Nutrition, I have many great years ahead of me—not just lifespan, but healthspan, even at 62. 

I am amazed by how easy and effective the Core 4 program has been for both my physical and mental well-being. I highly recommend it and will never go back to my old method of using a random assortment of products that left me guessing as to which supplements to take, whether or not they worked, or how much I needed.