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Something New and Exciting in the Sport of Triathlon

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a series of events that you could complete in that would offer real incentive to improve and complete to receive something more than another medal or $20 off athletic gear or a meal coupon? And what if these events also promoted team competition also had a focus on long term health or the participants not just your entry fee dollars?

If you think that is as cool as I do then you will be excited to learn more about the Tri Club Championship Series (TCCS) and how it is coming to your region in the near future.

What’s the Big Idea?

Over the past two years, TCCS has been a tremendous success in Calfornia. In fact, this primarily short-course race series of 14 events across the state has become one of the leading triathlon club competitions in the U.S. TCCS has affiliated Tri Clubs in every major metro area of California (the largest endurance sports market in the world). To date, the series has awarded over $50,000 in prizes to participating triathletes, helping to engage and motivate athletes and significantly increase both club and event registrations.

Here’s the site:;

Enhance Your Performance and Recovery with Two Exciting Formula Updates

I am excited to share with you two formula updates for BEET'Ums and FundAminos that have been proven or people from high-level athletes to people just interested in overall health and fitness to significantly enhance your ability to perform and recover.

BEET’Ums have replaced Charge!

BEET'UMS Are a Game Changer! They provide all the energy-and-endurance-boosting benefits of beets in a delicious, nutritious, chocolate-flavored chew. ...

THEY ARE CONVENIENT. Stick a few in your pocket and take them a hike, on your bike--wherever you like! Enjoy one of these tasty bites of goodness after breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
THEY TASTE GREAT.  It’s not often that something this good for you tastes so great. Like Tootsie Rolls? You’ll love BEET'UMS!

THEY'RE MORE EFFECTIVE.  BEET'UMS feature a proprietary combination of specially-processed beet juice powder with an organic, superfood base featuring organic, flavonoid-enriched cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and pure, high-polyphenol pomegranate, green tea and more. This unique blend of ingredients makes BEET'UMS work as great as they taste!  

And because BEET'UMS are eaten as a chew, the nitric-oxide-enhancing beet juice powder they contain stays in your mouth longer. Since the nitric oxide conversion process begins in the mouth, the longer they stay there, the more nitric oxide your body has the opportunity to create. And more nitric oxide translates into better training, racing, and recovery results.

How to Use: The base dose for BEET’Ums is one chew daily (one bag monthly). Take one twice a day or two 30 minutes prior to more intense physical activity or those wanted a stronger nitric oxide benefit...

BEETUms Early User Feedback and A Special Offer

If you like the taste of chocolate-flavored Tootsie Rolls, you’ll love the dark-chocolate chewiness of BEET’Ums!

If you like the nitric-oxide-enhancing effects of red beets, you’ll love the performance-boosting benefits of BEET’Ums!;

If you hate the spills and stains that come with bottled shots and the mix and mess of pre-packaged powders, you’ll love the clean and simple convenience of BEET’UMS!

Here is what people are saying about BEET'Ums:

I have been using the chews daily- like them, and subjectively think they impact on exercise capacity much cleaner than the beet powder! gave a couple bags to friends to try- similar positive feedback riding indoors these days- wet seattle weather new record yesterday, on beet chews.
Grahm Nicol M.D.

They are very yummy. They’re like a better tootsie roll. My wife likes them she’s really picky. I think, and I may be wrong, that I’m getting more benefit from a scoop of the powder than 1 Beet’um. Race season is getting rolling so I’ll be using the powder with breakfast and Beet’ums before a race (on my drive to them).  My age group races very early in the day.  Typically we’re one of the 1st races. 
Tony Riccio

The BeetUms Story Begins With Better Beets

The BEET’UMS Story Begins With Better Beets.

All beets are not created equal. Their nutrient density can vary greatly based on their size and—more importantly—the way they are grown and processed.

BEET’UMS are made from premium-quality, nutrient-rich beets that are juiced, fermented, and low-temperature dried for maximum potency. This unique and proprietary production process results in a beet juice powder with FOUR TIMES the nitric-oxide-boosting power of ordinary beets...

Woman Improves Telomere Length by 20 Years!

Last year, Elizabeth Parrish the CEO of BioViva USA Inc. received an injection of two experimental therapies. These consisted of a myostatin inhibitor to protect against loss of muscle mass with age, and a telomerase inducer to battle stem cell depletion responsible for diverse age-related diseases and infirmities. The experiment was designed to establish the first human safety data regarding telomerase induction.

One year later not only does Liz feel amazing and experienced significant improvement in metabolic biochemistry but most impressively her white blood cell telomeres have lengthened by approximately 20 years and recent;MRI scans show an increase in muscle size and a noticeable reduction in muscle fat content without any exercise regime.
Even more impressively, I saw Liz in August at Raadfest. (Revolution Against Aging and Death) and she looked incredibly fit and youthful. There literally was a glow to her skin.

Read the full report here. 
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