How to Use Pure Clean Powder

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Maximize the Benefits of Pure Clean Powder.

Scientific research has consistently shown that consuming nitrate-rich foods on a regular and ongoing basis will optimize your nitric oxide levels and athletic performance. For maximum results, use Pure Clean Powder on a daily basis and eat plenty of  nitrate-rich foods like kale, arugula, spinach, celery, pomgranate, berries, and chocolate. For more information on increasing your nitric oxide level, download our FREE, 36-page Nitric Oxide Guide.

Step 1: Optimize Your Nitric Oxide Level
Dose: Take 1 scoop of Pure Clean Beet daily. For best results, take 1/2 scoop twice daily. 

Are you taking enough? Find out for sure by checking your morning saliva with a Nitric Oxide AssessmentEach person will respond differently to the nitric oxide producing nutrients in beet juice, so you may need to experiment a little bit. Some athletes have great results with small amounts of beet juice, others need a little more to attain maximum results. But almost all can achieve a strong pink response in a few weeks. 

Step 2: Improve Your Performance 

Dose:  1 to 2 scoops (or packets) 1 hour prior to physical activity.

Slowly sip a Pure Clean Powder shot or lozenge (the recipe follows below) 60 minutes prior to a race or other strenuous, physical activity. Because the lozenges dissolve more slowly in the mouth, they heighten both nitric oxide activity and the resulting performance response. 
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Step 3: Follow the Pure Clean Beet Rules! 

Refrigerate or store Pure Clean Powder in a cool, dry location. Organic beet juice powder is sensitive to heat and moisture. When exposed to either for an extended period of time, the product may cake or harden. 

Start gradually! The effects of beet juice can be very powerful. And that's good! But some athletes find that their bodies need a little time to adapt to a full dose. In order to prevent light-headedness (beet juice lowers blood pressure) or loose bowels (beet juice aids in the digestive process), build your intake from an initial dose of 1/4 scoop to a full scoop over the course of a few days. 

Drink slowly. The process of turning the dietary nutirents found in the beets into the nitric oxide your athletic body can use is dependent upon the bacteria in your saliva and digestive system. The longer you hold the beet nutrients in your mouth, the better your results will be. Keep in mind that breath-freshening (but bacteria-destroying) mouthwash, gums, and toothpastes can lessen your results. 

Assess your nitric oxide level regularly. Once an optimal level is achieved, you may be able to reduce the amount of daily nitrates you need. On the other hand, periods of poor eating, inadequate sleep, stress, or alcohol consumption can rapidly deplete nitric oxide. Under these circumstances, it may become necessary to increase your total intake of Pure Clean Powder. 

Basic Beet Recipes 

Beet Tea

1/2 to 1 scoop Pure Clean Beet powder 
(Choose your dose depending on your morning nitric oxide assessment which can be done a few times weekly)

1 teaspoon vItamin C powder 
(from organic food concentrates) 

1/2 tablespoon of ribose (for a little sweetness and improved energy) 

1-2 organic lemon wedges, squeezed

16 ounces of hot water; or cold water, with or without ice  

Beet Lozenges
Melt 1/2 cup raw honey and 1/3 cup coconut oil in a pan on low temperature. Whip with a hand mixer until well-blended and emulsified. While keeping the mixture warm, slowly add one canister of Pure Clean Powder and hand mix until smooth. While the mixture is still warm, spoon it onto a parchment-paper-lined cookie sheet and spread evenly. Cool at room temperture or in the fridge. Prior to allowing the mixture to harden fully, cut into 60 equal squares. Each square will be equvialent to 1/2 scoop of beet juice powder. Enjoy!