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Beet juice works. It's a performance booster like no other. And it's all about the natural nitrates. Pure Clean Powder has been extensively tested, and the nitrates are pure and perfect. And even more concentrated than those found in whole beets! Pure Clean Powder is the highest-quality beet juice powder available today. For athletes, no other beet juice powder can compete!

"As a professional cyclist and licensed Physical Therapist, I am always looking for ways to improve athletic performance and health. There are a lot of fads out there and people make a lot of unfounded claims about various ways to improve performance. The only supplement I am willing to add to my diet is pure, organic beet juice. The scientific research supports the claims of improved performance, and with Pure Clean Beet I can be sure that I'm getting a 100% organic, full-strength beet juice in the convenience of a powder. I've read the research, I use it myself, I know it works."     

Dr. Jade Wilcoxson
The dietary nitrates found in beet juice have been shown to boost power output without changing oxygen consumption, effectively lowering the oxygen cost of exercise. A recent study coducted by Dr. Andrew Jones at the University of Exeter found that competitive cyclists were able to shave a full 45 seconds off a 16.1km Time Trial. Researchers have found that, as a vasodilator (blood vessel dilator), beet juice decreases blood pressure, which allows better blood flow as well as oxygen consumption. It also aids the muscles by reducing the amount of oxygen needed during exercise. The bottom line?  Your heart won't have to work as hard, your muscles will have a greater endurance capacity, and your body will recover faster following a hard effort.

VIDEO--Dr. Andrew Jones, Exeter Study    |   VIDEO--Dr. Allen Lim: Beet Juice and the Team |  DOSING STUDY--Dr. Andrew Jones, Exeter University

Studies also have shown that little, if any, increase in endurance performance resulted from just one day of beet juice use. Natural nitrates, such as those found in fresh beet juice and beet juice powder, need several days of continuous use to be maximally effective. Testing was done with fit male athletes using 500 ml of beet juice (2 scoops of powder). Because every athlete is unique, your body may respond differently. Pay attention to the needs of your own body and check your nitric oxide level reguarly to ensure that the amount of Pure Clean Powder you're taking is appropriate for your health and performance goals. Evidence in the following recent study shows that beet juice supplementation is advantageous for vascular, muscular, skeletal, and overall metabolic function during exercise.

The nitrates in beet juice react with bacteria in your saliva and stomach to produce nitric oxide in your body. For maximum performance, it is recommended that antibiotic mouthwashes, chewing gums, and toothpastes not be used before or after the consumption of any beet juice supplement.

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Disciamer:  Pure Clean Powder and Core 4 Nutrition do not make medical claims or offer medical recommendations. If you have medical questions, please consult with a licensed, health care practitioner.