Performance Profile for Teens

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Price: $95.00


This assessment package contains everything you'll need to check your Mineral Balance/Bone Health and Anti-Oxidant status in the comfort and convenience of your own home, using a simple urine sample. 

  • Bone/Mineral Status - An inadequate mineral intake, the sweat-induced loss of calcium and magnesium, stress (both physical and psychological) and the consumption of caffeinated and/or acidic beverages (sports and "energy" drinks, sodas and other sugary drinks) can all disrput the body's blood chemistry creating mineral and pH imbalances. These imbalances can lead to reduced athletic performance and poor bone health. If you are suffering from an intracellular mineral imbalance or rapid bone loss, your NTx level will be elevated.
  • Antioxidant Status - A less-than-optimal Anti-Oxidant status, which is caused by excessive free radical activity happening inside the body, can also contribute to the onset of injuries and a variety of athletic performance problems. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause extensive cellular damage and impair the body's ability to function properly. Is your body in need of additional anti-oxidant support? The answer to this key question is something every athlete should know.   

You will also receive a personalized report to review and explain your results, and targeted, nutritional recommendations.     

Why doesn't your doctor know about or perform these assessments? Because he or she has been trained to identify and treat DISEASE. These assessments, on the other hand, are a tool that will help you measure and maximize your body's true potential for HEALTH. For more information on why your doctor can't do what we do click here.