Metabolic Inflammatory Profile

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In order to feel and perform well, your body needs a steady supply of fuel. A simple form of sugar known as glucose is the body’s primary source of this fuel for both your muscles and your brain. While glucose is your body’s main fuel source, it can be toxic in excess amounts. 

High levels of blood glucose can overload the body, causing a number of performance-related problems including fatigue, poor recovery, chronic pain and inflammation. When the body is regularly filled with glycogen, adequate amounts of amino acids and other vital nutrients cannot be absorbed at the cellular level. In addition, the body's cells become resistant to insulin which will cause both blood sugar and body fat levels to rise. For an athlete, the end results of excess glucose can be devastating. 

Advanced glycation end-products or AGEs are created when glucose interacts with protein—a process known as glycation. Excessive AGE's are linked to the onset of disease; low levels to increased longevity, health and performance. By examining your AGE results, you can determine your body’s overall ability to effectively metabolize and utilize carbohydrates for energy. 

By using markers such as glycated hemoglobin (glycohemoglobin) or HbA1c, HDL/Triglyceride ratio, insulin and C-reactive protein, we can not only determine your AGE status but get insights into your ability to metabolize fats for energy and levels of internal inflammation.