Core 4 Nutrition Program - Complete

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Price: $327.00

Go Faster, Get Stronger, and Go Longer with the Core 4 Complete Program! 

This exclusive program was created for those who are committed to maximizing every aspect of their their health and performance potential.  

The Complete Program builds upon the Foundations Program with an even more powerful arsenal of restorative nutrients,  at-home assessments, and personal support from the Core 4 Nutrition sports performance staff.  The program upgrades include:
  • One additional bag of Daily Dose whole-food concentrate supplement packets 
  • Two bottles of Stemcode cellular rejuvenation formula
  • One additional bottle of Charge! nitric oxide boosting formula
  • One additional bag of FundAminos! essential amino acid formula
  • Advanced Assessment Package to dig deep into your biochemical processes
  • Comprehensive performance evaluation and consultation
  • Dietary and lifestyle coaching 
  • Unlimited e-mail support
Please read below for more details on these additional upgrades: 

Advanced Cellular Rejuvenation
Two bottles of StemCode
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Most of the cells in your body lose function with age. Until now, there wasn't a lot you could do about it. But based on recent discoveries involving stem cells, telomeres, and genes, StemCode was developed to slow down the aging process and help your body function with more youthful vitality.  StemCode works by rejuvenating live, adult stem cells and their surrounding micro-environments. Developed by experts in the anti-aging field, StemCode is the only nutritional supplement proven to double the maximum lifespan of an animal model. No other product or therapy (including caloric restriction) can come close to matching these truly amazing results.  

Advanced Laboratory Assessments 
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The Complete Program uses a series of highly-specialized, physiological assessments to pick up where the Comprehensive Assessement Package leaves off. These Advanced Laboratory Assessments will be recommended on an individualized, as-needed basis.  They include the Metametrix OrganixSpectracell Micronutrient, and Spectracell Lipoprotein Panels and/or a comprehensive Anti-Aging Profile. These powerful assessments will allow you to identify and address any hidden, physiological imbalances or deficiencies limiting your health and performance potential.

A Targeted Restoration Strategy   

The Core 4 Nutrition health coaching staff will evaluate your metabolic and performance needs, help you establish measurable goals, and create custom solution to your individual, restorative needs.  The evaluation process will be driven by a Personal Performance Survey, and an initial evaluation by telephone to discuss your challenges and goals. While success on this program is ultimately up to you, know that we'll be here to support and guide you every step of the way!  We encourage you to take full advantage of contact and questions with Dr. Cohen and his staff. You will also be provided with unlimited e-mail support.  


The Complete Performance Program includes: 

  • Two bags of Fruit N Veggie Might whole-food concentrate powder 
  • Two bottles of Just Peachy fish oil blend 
  • One bottle of RemeD sublingual vitamin D3 spray 
  • Two bags of FundAminos essential amino acid powder 
  • Two bags of Daily Dose whole-food derived supplement packets
  • Two bottles of Charge! nitric oxide boosting formula 
  • Two bottles of Stem Code cellular rejuvenation formula  
  • Advanced Assessment Package at-home assessments  
  • Comprehensive performance evalaution and coaching support 
  • Core 4 Nutrition performance restoration e-booklet
  • 20% or more discount off any additional ore 4 Nutrition products

The cost?  $327.00 per month with FREE shipping. 

Please note:  This program package offers two months of product use. Therefore, you will receive your product shipment every two months. As a courtesy, your payments will be split into two, equal monthly payments of $327.00. You will be billed this amount when your product order is shipped and once again 30 days later. 

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