Innate Respone Whole Food Multi III

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Price: $68.00

Food Multi III is a multi-dimensional cornerstone whole food formula crafted exclusively from select whole food concentrates and a nourishing combination of select organic botanicals. Food Multi III provides 100% whole food vitamins, minerals and concentrated tonic whole herbs for a full, dynamic formula.

This foundational formula includes organic fruit and vegetable concentrates, as well as organic herbs, each chosen for their ability to target and promote the health of every body system. Organic botanicals provided in the quantities consistent with traditional tonic use of herbs include those revered for their roles in the body, such as astragalus, eleuthero, schizandra and ginkgo. A therapeutic mushroom blend providing the well-documented support of organic reishi and shiitake is also included, completing this formula rich in protective compounds to provide a comprehensive spectrum of essential nutrients and other vital food constituents necessary for optimal health. 

One bottle includes 180 whole-food tablets. The recommended dosage is four to six tablets daily

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