Performance Profile for Women

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Price: $425.00

This package features cornerstone assessments for women who are interested in maximizing their performance and taking control of their health. This profile assesses the primary factors contributing to health and performance declines: 

  • Vitamin D - Optimal Vitamin D levels are critical for optimum health and athletic performance. They contribute to strength, endurance, speed and agility; healing, immunity and bone health.
  • Essential Fatty Acids - No cell, tissue, gland or organ can work properly without Essential Fatty Acids. Optimal EFA levels contribute to to improved health and performance by reducing inflammation, increasing the body's capacity to recover, protecting the joints and improving mood, concentration and sleep.
  • Inflammatory and Metabolic Markers - In order to feel and perform well, your body needs a steady supply of fuel. A simple form of sugar known as glucose is the body’s primary source, but it can be detrimental in excess amounts. This assessment will indicate how well your body is processing carbohydrates for energy and/or if you are consuming too many.  Markers include hemoglobin A1C, insulin, HDL/Triglyceride ratio and C-reactive protein.  
  • Mineral/Bone Status - Inadequate mineral intake, the sweat-induced loss of calcium and magnesium, stress (both physical and psychological) and the consumption of both caffeinated and sugary (acidic) beverages disrupt the body's blook chemistry. The combination of mineral loss and over-acidity will drastically reduce your ability to perform and recover well. In addition, it exponentially increases the risk of bone loss.
  • Antioxidant Status - This assessment gives you the ability to easily determine the amount of free-radical activity happening inside your body. Free-radicals are unstable molecules that can damage and impair the body's ability to function properly at the cellular level. Many performance problems and chronic diseases are caused by free-radical damage. And the liklihood of free-radical damage increases as we age.  
  • Nitric Oxide Status -This assessment allows you to monitor your body's levels of Nitric Oxide status using your saliva. Nitric oxide is a critical cellular signaling molecule that declines with age that not only helps your body regenerate it's natural antioxidant capacity but is essential for regulating cellular metabolic processes such as detoxification, blood flow, and energy production.  

With the purchase of this profile, you will also receive a personal telephone consultation to review and explain your results. 

Why doesn't your doctor know about or perform these tests? Because he or she has been trained to identify and treat DISEASE. These assessments are a tool that will help you measure and maximize your true potential for HEALTH. For more information on why your doctor can't do what we do, 
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