Recovery Formula

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Price: $49.00

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This all-natural formula offers a proprietary synergistic blend of antioxidant-rich, bioactive herbal extracts designed to naturally support hormonal health and male vitality leading to a leaner and stronger body; improved energy, and heightened mood and libido.  Reseach has shown that this formula frees up bound testosterone and increases the biological active levels of free testosterone in the bloodstream. 

For best results use the following dosing regimen:

Your first two months: Take two capsules in the morning upon awakening and two capsules at bedtime. Then take one week off. 

For the next two months: Continue the same dosing of two caps twice daily but limit your use to five days weekly and three weeks monthly. Each bottle of OptiMale SX will last two months at this dosing.

At the end of four months: It is advisable to check your testosterone and estradiol levels with a saliva assessment.  This convenient assessment will confirm your levels are increasing. You can obtain that here for only $65.  

For even better results: I recommend that you use our "Be All the Man You Can Be" Testosterone Restoration program.  This program combines the fundamental nutritional factors of the Core 4 Nutrition program with OptiMale SX, pre and post hormone assessments and the "Be All the Man You Can Be" hormone guide book. You order that here.

Our new OptiMale SX contains the Alpha Male Matrix(tm) Proprietary Blend:  Mungbean sprout powder, green oat extract, oat bran fiber, nettle extract, and sea buckthorn.