Daily Dose Supplement Packs

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Price: $99.00


Daily Dose is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to take the next step toward achieving their long-term health and/or sports performance goals. 

Daily Dose

These convenient, pre-dosed packets are perfect to use when traveling, going out to dinner or at work. 

Each Daily Dose supplement pack includes:

Two 100% whole-food and herbal concentrate tablets 
(made exclusively from raw, organic fruit, vegetable and herbal concentrates)

One 100% whole-food concentrate tablet with 1000iu of vitamin D3 

One premium, low-temperature-process omega 3 fish oil capsule (1080mg EPA/DHA) 

One powerful antioxidant capsule

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Recommended Use: 

Best used in conjunction with Chocoberry Blast.

One packet daily for supplemental support.    
(1 bag used every two months)

Two packets daily are recommended for restorative support
(1 bag used monthly)