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Price: $49.00

"Be All the Man You Can Be" Testosterone and Nitric Oxide Restoration Program   

Derived from Dr. Cohen's 15 years of working with elite athletes, this pratical series will provide you with the most powerful lifestyle, diet and exercise hacks that you can incorporate today to improve your health and performance.  

This is NOT some cheesy 5 page throw away piece of trash…. It’s a virtual encyclopedia of hormonal information you can use to Get Your Masculinity Back. Starting Now! 

Be All the Man You Can Be

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

♦  A quick start section that shows you what you need to do to get your hormone levels back on track, fast.

♦  A 14 step hormonal restoration program that teaches you how to maintain your masculine hormone profile at all times. 

♦  A 5 step restoration program to increase your natural products of nitric oxide.

♦  Seeds of Success, a ten-step guide for long-health and vitality.

♦  Food for Thought, an easy to follow guide to foods that can restore your hormonal health and performance. 

Here are just some of the things that you’ll learn:

♦  How to control a pesky hormone that decreases your body’s ability to produce testosterone.

♦  3 huge factors that cause your testosterone levels to decline (hint: age isn’t one of them).

♦  The testosterone to estrogen ratio EVERY man needs to shoot for.

♦  3 important “Masculinity Nutrients” you must have if in your system if you want to hang on to your manhood.

♦  A “hormonal situation” that causes your blood sugar levels to dangerously rise and what you can do to stop it.

♦  The forgotten hormone that causes extreme fatigue during the day and crippling insomnia at night.

♦  The real reason why your memory and mental sharpness are declining.

♦  Specific details that explain exactly what your saliva test results mean.

♦  The link between hormone status and heart disease (DEADLY important).

♦  Why drugs and artificial hormones almost always do more harm than good.

♦  A common household item that kills off your testosterone and the steps you can take to avoid it.

♦  A  spice you need to eat more of that helps your body breakdown and eliminate toxic estrogens.

♦  A list of a dozen “Must Avoid” foods that flood your body with estrogenic compounds.

♦  Two hormone killing food additives sitting in your kitchen that you need to eliminate from your life, Now!

♦  A list of medications that are particularly potent testosterone killers, and how you can avoid them.

♦  Why your T:E ratio is so hugely important and what you can do to change it.

♦  The link between heavy metal exposure and severe hormone suppression in men (this one will surprise you).

♦  A common fruit you’re probably eating that lessens your liver’s ability to eliminate estrogen.

♦  A “good fruit” that blocks the harmful effects of estrogen in a man’s body. (Hint: Eat much more of this).

♦  The dark horse hormone that fires up your erections and simple steps you can take to drastically increase it.

♦  The seven ways in your body that can your testosterone production can become disrupted. 

♦  The exact lab test you must assess to determine the true cause of imbalanced male hormones.

♦  Why taking arginine in high dosages can lead to free radical damage. 

♦  The reason ED drugs stop working and what you can do about it. 

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