BEET'Ums Nitric Oxide Support

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BEET'UMS are Tasty Bites of Better Health and Fitness in a Bag.

During the past five years, scientific research has consistently confirmed the powerful health-and-performance-enhancing benefits of red beets. This unassuming, but nitrient-rich, vegetable has become a "go to" superfoood for millions of athletes. Among it's many, measurable benefits, red beets enhance the body's ability to create higher levels of nitric oxide.  

Nitric oxide encourages improved blood flow for:

  • Improved oxygen delivery and greater energy 
  • An enhanced capacity for physical exercise resulting in better strength and endurance
  • Improved cardiovascular and sexual health 

If you've ever tried to juice fresh beets, you know it's costly and time consuming. Bottled beet juice shots and packaged powders have made things a lot more convenient. But there's still the need for mixing and the possibility of a mess.

And beets taste like--beets. Unless you're a fan of their flavor, you may not be using them as frequently as you should. Numerous studies have 
shown that the active nutrients found naturally in red beets work best when they’re taken consistently—at least four to six days prior to competition. Most athletes find their they achieve maximum results with regular, daily use. 

BEET'UMS Are a Game Changer!  

They provide all the energy-and-endurance-boosting benefits of beets in a delicious, nutritious, chocolate-flavored chew. Stick a few in your pocket and take them a hike, on your bike--wherever you like! Enjoy one of these tasty bites of goodness after breakfast, lunch, or dinner. While pure and potent beet juice powder is the foundation of the BEET'UMS formula, they've been botanically-enhaned with a synergistic blend of superfoods--organic cocoa, pomegranate, green tea, grape seed, and pine bark. These plant-based, performance enhancers increase the nitric oxide benefits of red beet nutrients. 



Why are BEET'UMS Better?   

THEY TASTE GREAT.  It’s not often that something this good for you tastes so great. Like Tootsie Rolls? You’ll love BEET'UMS!

THEY ARE THE ULTIMATE IN CONVENIENCE. Because BEET'UMS can't be spilled and don't require any mixing, you can take them ANYWHERE. And athletes can easily use them before, during, or after ANY form of exercise without the threat of the gastrointestinal distress, which often occurs with the use of beet juices and powders.

THEY'RE MORE EFFECTIVE.  BEET'UMS feautre a proprietary combination of specially-processed beet juice powder with an organic, superfood base featuring organic, flavonoid-enriched cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and pure, high-polyphenol pomegranate and green tea. This unique blend of ingredients makes BEET'UMS work as great as they taste!  

Because BEET'UMS are eaten as a chew, the nitric-oxide-enhancing beet juice powder they contain stays in your mouth longer. Since the nitric oxide conversion process begins in the mouth, the longer they stay there, the more nitric oxide your body has the opportunity to create. And more nitric oxide translates into better training, racing, and recovery results.

BEET'UMS ARE PALEO, VEGAN, AND DIABETIC FRIENDLY. Because they're made from an organic, cocoa butter base and flavored with a low-glycemic, plant sweetener and real-fruit extracts, a single BEET'UMS chew contains only FOUR carbohydrates. 

BEET'UMS...You can't beet them! 

Ingredients: Fermented Beet Juice Powder (5% nitrates) , PlantSWEETt® (Soluble Plant Fiber, Organic Coconut Nectar, Organic Reb-A Stevia), Erythritol, Cocoa Butter, Cacao Powder, Pomegranate Juice Powder, Natural Flavors, CocoaNOURSIH®(Organic Raw Cocoa Powder, Organic Cacao Extract (15% Polyphenols), Organic Cinnamon Extract, Coffee Fruit Extract, Organic Green Tea Extract, Theobromine Extract, Blue Green Algae Extract, Red Rooibos Tea Extract, Curcumin Extract, Organic Resveratrol Extract 98%, New Zealand Pine Bark Extract) 

30 chews (servings) per bag

When these ingredients combine with saliva and friendly mouth bacteria there is an effective release of NO for nearly five hours. And when taken regularly this nitric oxide rich mix of natural plant derived nitrates, gradually restores optimale NO levels.  After 4 to 6 weeks of use, most people experience a deeper, rejuvenating sleep and a sense of natural energy and mental clarity. And as circulation improves and hormonal receptor sites activate this leads to improved libido and more youthful pleasure during intimacy for men and woman. 

To Optimize Nitric Oxide Levels: Chew one BEET'Um slowly twice daily prior in the morning and before bedtime until your Nitric Oxide Assessment Strips are regularly darkish pink first thing in the morning. If after 4 weeks your NO saliva results have not improved, add 1/2 scoop of PureClean Beet Powder first thing in the morning. We personally prefer to drink it with hot water, juice of 1/2 lemon and a small amount of honey.  

To Enhance Physical Power and Endurance: Take two BEET'Ums 30 to 45 minutes prior to more intense physical training or racing.

Tne Nitric Oxide Story 

In the 1970’s, medical researchers made a Nobel Prize winning discovery—that the short-lived Nitric Oxide (NO) produced in the body from nitrates in our food acts as a powerful, messenger molecule. As a gas, NO diffuses rapidly across the cell membrane and acts as an important messenger molecule involved in many physiological and pathological processes.  You can learn more about the Nobel Prize award here. 

Just like vitamin D and essential fatty acids, NO plays a vital role in the functional health of virtually every organ system in the human body.  And it’s a foundational necessity for maximum health and physical performance. NO relaxes the smooth muscles lining the blood vessels, promoting better blood flow and tissue oxygenation. It not only improves your cardiovascular health but also has several additional benefits including enhanced libido because it helps to release blood flow to pertinent areas.  NO also facilitates the transmission of messages between nerve cells and is positively linked to improvements in memory, learning capacity, sleeping difficulties, pain, and depression.  

A short list of the many benefits associated with optimal Nitric Oxide levels include: 

Deeper Sleep

Enhanced Sexual Function

More Efficient Digestion

Reduced Blood Pressure

Improved Mood

Faster Wound Healing

Reduced Inflammation 

Stronger Immune System

Reduced Blood Pressure

Improved Arterial Health


And there’s more good news for athletes—increased NO levels have been scientifically shown to enhance athletic performance and endurance! NO is fundamental for optimal health and performance because it contributes directly to blood flow, oxygen delivery, glucose uptake, muscle velocity, power output, and gene-expression and muscle growth. NO levels are naturally elevated in people living and training in high altitudes, where oxygen uptake rates are greatest.