Fruit N Veggie Might: Special Pricing for Core 4 Nutrition Program Members Only

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Price: $35.00

Fruit N' Veggie Might is included as part of the Core 4 Nutirition program. The price offered here is only available
to those on the Core 4 program and desire to order an extra bag.  

Fruit N Veggie

Toss out your old, synthetic multivitamin and harness the healing power of nature with Fruit N' Veggie Might!  

Packed with a powerful blend of more than 40 different fruits, vegetables and botanicals, Fruit N Veggie Might is specifically formulated to give your body the wide variety of whole food concentrates, micronutrients and antioxidants it needs to function fully.

Our bodies don’t need—or effectively utilize—synthetic and/or isolated vitamins and minerals; but they do need an abundant supply of the naturally-occurring nutrients found in fresh, raw vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Fruit N’ Veggie Might is an effective and tasteful way to provide this vital nourishment to your body.  

Derived from a carefully-selected, synergistic blend of whole foods—like apples, blueberries, broccoli, carrots, cranberries, kale, lemon peel, onions, pomegranates, parsley, spinach, strawberries, raspberries and tomatoes—each serving provides complete and comprehensive nutritional support. 

    Fruit N' Veggie Might is a great way to enhance the overall nutreint density of your diet. Shake some up with a little almond or coconut milk for a mid-afternoon snack; mix it with water while traveling, add it to a smoothie, or drink it as a complement to a meal that's a bit short on fresh veggies! It also is great to use as an alkalinizing, nutrient-replenishing recovery drink following high-intensity training or racing.  

    Fruit N’ Veggie Might benefits include:

    • Raw, organic whole-food concentrates.
    • Low-temperature processing leaves enzymes intact.
    • No fillers, herbicides or pesticides of any kind!
    • Easy to mix and great tasting.

    Why Fruit N Veggie Might is so critical to your long-term success on the Core 4 program.


    • It provides synergistic amounts of micronutrients that maximize your body’s ability to utilize both vitamin D3 (RemeD) and Omega 3 fatty acids (Just Peachy).
    • It provides synergistic amounts of antioxidants that will reduce your overall free radical load.
    • It’s high in nitrate rich vegetables such as beets, kale, and other greens that will boost your body’s nitric oxide levels
    • It’s rich in dark, leafy greens which help bind toxins and enhance liver detoxification. 
    • It provides a full spectrum or pro-biotics which aid both gastrointestinal health and digestion.
    • It contains adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms which can minimize the negative physiological effects of stress—both emotional and physical. 
    • It helps to alkalinize the body after a meal rich in protein, a hard workout or intense stress. 

    Go green.  

    Use  Fruit n Veggie Might daily!  It makes a great addition to a protein drink or smoothie.  Try it mixed or shaken with a little coconut (or almond) milk as an afternoon pick-me-up.  Many Core 4 program members like it first thing in the morning, mixed with water and an ounce or two of their favorite juice.  Pressed for time?  Think ahead—pre-mix 8 scoops of Fruit n Veggie Might with the liquid of your choice and divide into five 12 to 16 ounce recycled glass bottles.  Store them in the refrigerator and grab one each morning before you head out the door.