Argentia Silver Cream

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Price: $12.00

Argentia Cream is literally skin magic in bottle.

It is rare that you find a product that blows away your expectations. This is one of them! It should be in everyones cabinet, first aid kit and travel bag to use to support tissue healing for rashes, blisters, sun and heat burns, rashes, cuts and scars. 

Two recent stories: One of our athletes developed blisters after a triathlon and could barely walk that night due to the pain and fluid build up. She applied Argentia when she got home that evening and the next morning, the blisters were 95% gone. And I personally burnt my finger on a hot pot and immediately applied the cream. Within 5 minutes it felt better and the next morning, I had forgotten about it.  

So what's the magic? 

The all-natural Argentia Cream gets its healthy skin properties from the colloidal silver and tea tree oil, aloe vera uniquely blended in a base of emu oil that allows rapid penetration into the upper skin layers. And no worries it is paraben-free and the cat does not come with it.